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Whether you prefer wide-open space or crowded city living is a matter of personal preference, not a matter of good and bad. But don't assume that only in the city are there neighborhoods. I live in a small town in New England, where we are lucky enough to have the wide open spaces but a small town where just about everyone knows everyone else (which is not always an advantage!) My concern about Staten Island is that it may get too crowded and lose the small town feel. Next time you get a chance, take a ride around Westerleigh, West Brighton and Port Richmond. Take a look at the number of multi-family dwellings and condos that are being put up in every nook and cranny. In places where there were one or two old beautiful houses in which a few families lived, there are now a whole bunch of condos where dozens of families live. I'm worried that if the developers have their way, too many of the beautiful old houses will be destroyed. What a shame that would be.


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