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Richie's Chicken Delux Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu you two girls are terrible. shame on both of you. wow weee my feelings are hurting -----

yea rite.....

yes madamet i cook but not in a tutu ---

no dj, you ain't gonna see that picture...not in your wildest dreams.......

fyi, i love cooking, especially for company...

i have been know to hold some real wild bbq backyard parties. people bring in all kinds of food --- pot luck type thing ----

i supply the beer -- wine --- soda (no hard drinks allowed except for me) and i do the fancy cooking on the grill.

the party may go into the weeee hours of the morning. at 6 or 7 am the next day, i continue for those who slepted over night..

oh well watta ya want me to tell ya now about my next recipe ---- roast center cut loin of pork???????


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