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Visiting SI this weekend Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Those are my old stomping ground, Cron Ron; it's nice to see someone else mentioning them.

Sunnyside is where I started, after leaving SI Hosp, where I wuz borned at, and then up that Clove Road Hill, which I wouldn't have run down, much less up. Cross-country types did that sort of thing back in the Dark Ages, as jogging didn't become popular until the 'Seventies, I think.

Proceeding up the Clove Road hill, at the top, on the left, is the softball diamond, where the old reservoir was, that the pumping station down the bottom of the hill kept filled when my dad was a pup. His dad ran the pumping station, which is how I know. Dad's job on the way home from school, was to count the levels of brick showing above water (the rez was brick-lined) so Grampa (I never knew him) would know the water level, to keep it filled. The pumping station was alongside that creek that filled Clove Lake. Some of you may remember the clear spring, flowing from a pipe. People would stop by with jugs to fill and take home. I used to use it for my fish tanks. No chlorine to get in the way of the flourine, or sumptin' like that.

Proceeding along Victory, away from the ballfield/reservoir, you passed PS 29, da fount of wizdom for some of us. Then Mauro's candy and sangwidge store, on the corner of Slosson. Then St. Teresa's on the left. Then Fairview Avenue. Then the Moravian churchyard, where we aimed snowballs at Art riding up from Westaleigh (he richly deserved it, coming from Westaleigh and emailing Lisa). I worked in that Acme Market you mentioned. Dog food. That's me, I was head of the department; the bringing them up from the basement on the conveyer and putting them on the shelves, labels out, after marking the price on every damn can department.

That Acme was on the corner of Victory and Hodges. I lived on Hodges until they got tired of me or vice versa.

Only then can you make your right, at Riemann's Hardware, corner of Manor, heading towards the Armory.

And we've skipped a lot of life in between.


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