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Dan from what I saw last year when I visited on Staten Island these things still do exist. I really enjoyed walking down New Dorp Lane going into the shops and hearing local chatter about "what's going on in your life" etc. WOW!!! people actually know one another by name...I don't know of anywhere else where you can make a purchase and say "I have more shopping to do on the Lane can I pick it uP later" and the answer with out hesitation is always "Sure ya can" - done that many times when I lived on SI and was happy to see it still is a possibility :)

I was staying with friends in Midland Beach (some improvements in the works there too) I went to a couple of stores on Hylan Blvd. in the Grant City area and people were friendly "chatter, chatter, chatter" I covered a good part of the South Shore and some of Forest Ave. while I was there - felt right at home - Yeh!!! I noticed what could be considered negative stuff, like traffic jams (OH those lousy pot hole roads LOL not changed in 100 years)- some of the BIGGER stores could be cleaned uP and have a more inviting atmosphere (gotta say the employees in the BIGGER stores were pleasant too)- the mall, well lets say I wasn't impressed and prefer the smaller local Mom & Pop shops (always did)

I like the idea that many merchants on the Island still close promptly at 6 pm & head for home & family dinner (questioned that just out of curiosity and got lots of yes answers)- many still stay closed on Sunday too. Every town in the world had their jerks who will always be jerks no matter where they are and SI still has some of them too but the good far out weighted the bad. Overall I felt really good about being on Staten Island again and thoroughly enjoyed my three week stay.

I'm considered an outgoing friendly person by some but I must say I was impressed to see the friendly "how do U do" atmosphere around StatNisland.

Hey! how would like your cold cuts sliced LOL - wanna a taste first - still heard in the local butcher :))

Guess I'm pretty luck where I live in Florida now - local Mom & Pop owned stores a few blocks from me. A butcher who knows how you want your "cut to order" an wrapped WOW!!! they even will deliver - a pizzeria - restaurant - dry cleaners - banking and others all friendly and good quality service - hmmmm could it be that ALL the owners/merchants in this local strip store complex are former New YaWkers LOL Yep! they are :))- sometimes I think it does make a difference.

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