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Richie's Chicken Delux Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu ok folks, it's late, my dogs are barking, my wife is a nagging me and i am now tired after being up since 5 am eastern standard time. so here is my last posting for tonight before i go beddie bi --- and i don't ware jammies eiter........

i promised this to one or more of the girlies --- i just kant member which one --- oh yea, memory is the second thingie ta go on a good lookin guy like me -------

Richie's Chicken Quickie

Now no funny remarks please. I will attempt to type out this recipe (no I will not use my language translation software that Harry exposed. This is, I believe, a great quick Chicken dish anyone can make. You do not have to be a great chief to make it.

Keep in mind all measurment are to taste. I never, never, never, ever measure. It ain't good for the pallet or the gastro gullet.

For four people. If you have more then double for every two individuals, with a slight exception to the sauce/gravy part. You have to use a little common sense here.

The Chicken.

I prefer to use Chicken BREAST. I love BREASTS.. So I'm a typicle male ok?????

Two large (no puns please) Chicken Breasts.

Take all the skin off and as much of the excess fat as possible.

In a large skilet ( for you old folks --- a frying pan)

Put in some VERGIN (no smart alic remarks from the galary please) Olive oil.

Two pads of real honest to goodness all fat golestrol butter. Don't use that artificial chemical garbage pretty please.

Heat the oil and butter until butter is melted. No high flame please. Old flames excluded…..

When oil and melted butter is ready, put chicken breast in pan and slight brown or singe the meat.

When done, take out of pan and place on a side dish.

The sauce. You can use your home made sauce of three days or more of making, but may I suggest the following:

1-Cup tomato ketsup or ketshup or --- that stuff in the plastic bottle. You know what I mean……

1 Cup of White wine. Or you can do what I do ---- just slup it in and guess…..

oh yea, the wine should be a very good white wine that has a good strong flavour. Pretty please, don't use cheap wine. My motto has always been if you won't drink it, then don't cook with it.

Any seasonings you may like -----

I prefere ---

A pinch of 0ragano
A pinch of whatever you have in your cabinet..

If ya like it a bit spicy use some cyeman peper stuff or fresh chili peppers --- to taste.

Some chopped green bell peppers.

One small garlic clove --- I don't like a lot of garlic. Do this to your taste.

A chopped spanish onion. They have more flavor --- personal opinion…..

Take the peppers with all the spices and put it all in the frying pan with the olive oil and butter. Add more butter and oil if needed.

After ya cook this stuff a short while --- couple to several minutes.

Add the ketsup and wine with oh yea, I forgot, a touch of water --- one quarter to half a cup … can be a bit skimpy on this…… if ya want to….

Oh yea ---- I forgot, the original recipe called for vinigure instead of wine. Yeahhhh --- really --- some nut or puritin thought that one up….. forget the vinigur crap and use the wine---- trust me --- there is a difference……..

Now put this all this stuff in a pot --- you know the kind your mother used to make soup or sauice/gravy in.

Take the browned chicken breasts and put them in the pot with the sauce/gravy. Cover the pot and bring to boil.

Then after the boiling starts, immediately lower flame to simmer…..

Simmer for about 1/2 hour to 3/4's hour or until tender. In utter words --- poke da breasts every so often till done.

Meanwhile you are cooking some rice, or noodles or sketi or what ever --- even some tatoes .. I don't give a leaf…..

Also don't forget da veggies --- ya gotta stay healthy.


Take the breasts out of the pot --- careful if it is a weeee bit over cooked --- no harm done here, but ya may need one of them kinda fat type spoons wit da holes in them to take the chick out and put on a plate.

Serve the extra on the plates with the chicken. The sauce --- do not --- I repeat, do not thicken the sauce/gravy.

Pour some of the sauce/gravy over the chicken and the rice/noodles etc.

Then pour your elf a good glass of white wine and eat.

Well ---- dats der dish I spoke about in one of my posting --- kan't member which one but who cares --- after three ---- four fingers worth tonite --- I don't care. I am feeling reall goo tonite.

I am celebratin --- got a two labor victories and one union political mess that is causing stalin, lennin and goering to turn over in their graves. I just love america. takes about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hour ta make


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