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The Next Best thing Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu irene,

you are so sweet. but i have a dirty little secret which i will reveal here.....

i never graduated from mckee.

i left mckee three months before graduation for personal family reasons. and in hindsite it was stupid. however at the time i believed it necessary for me to do what i needed to do to help a certain family member.

i later got one of those h.s. equivalency diplomas. my fiancee -- now my best partner in the world --- told me i should go to night school and get a diploma. well i went for one night and said bull-sh-t...... i took the test eight months later and was told i past with the third highese score in nyc. i don't know if that is true or not but i got this piece of paper that says i am smart.

watta ya know. i i gotta piece of paper dat says i am smart..... yeahhhh. anyway, my fiancee, now my boss at home, was pleased. i was bored.....

anyway, i was close and would have graduacted with the rest of my class had i stuck it out.

however, i made a choice, stuck with it, and did what i believed to be right. i still believe i did the right thing but for the wrong reason. however, water under the bridge.

anyway i am proud to have attended mckee h.s. and to have been a part of its history. i also had mucho fun while there.

rich --- the pink tutu kngith

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