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Belonging ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~


Now you went and hurt my feelings. *big pouty face* How could you so totally misunderstand me??? :-(

I'd NEVAH grouch or complain if you weren't "politically correct"! Heck! I never do anything just because it's "politically correct". I barely (if at all) even know what's on da list. I'm an independent thinker through and through. *S*

Are you kidding??? You're talking to the girl that went to the DRIVE IN bank without a car! *LOL* (I'm very serious too! *S*)

The tellers at the bank I went to are probably STILL talking about it in disbelief......but I was as serious as serious could be!

If you're interested...I'll tell you the story sometime! *S*


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