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Visiting SI this weekend Charles Evans Cron My itinerary you ask? Iíll tell you my favorite part. Up Saturday at 7AM, walking shoes on, out of Maís house down to Victory Blvd. Picking up steam now at Clove Rd. to make the hill up past Clove Lakes, used to run that hill back in H.S. Cross-country. Continue along Victory, panting hard, thinking of old friends who lived along the way. Past St. Tareasaís, make the sign of the cross, think about First Holy Communion, Confirmation and religious instructions, Father MacNamarra (RIP). Finally some down hill, past the old Acme, think about waiting for mom sitting on the big wall behind the store. On down through Four Corners, memories just-a-blazing now. Make a right on Manor, breathing a little easier, still old friends flashing through my mind. Past the Armory to Martlings Ave.Ö Stop, got to say hello to some old friends, put a flag by em, donít let anybody see me crying. Blow my nose a lot. A very close friend was instrumental in making that memorial happen, Iím very proud of him and I told him so. On to Martlings Pond stop again, got to say hello to Pop not fifty feet from the pond, heíd like that, thatís where he grew up, give him a flag too. On through the park , just thinking about growing up. Stop once more, buns and the Post and back home, where you been son, ah just walking Ma. This has been a 25 yr. thing, hoping for another 25.
A little later itís off to Penny Beach by noon. Iíll be the guy eating a Salami sandwich reading ď Up in the old hotel. Hope thereís some ship traffic.

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