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uPdated Roll Call...Where R U Now? Harry White hrwhite 1. I'm not sure that it says anything about us. My experience with people is that about 10% are active participants in any endeavor, PTA, Little League and other activities. May be that is what is taking place here.
2. Someone once told me that you learn less with your mouth open. I think in this day that could be stated you learn more with your eyes open and your fingers quiet (not sure what I'm saying about myself now).
3. Yeah, there is a bit of group therapy going on here but that is true whenever 2 or more people get together.
4. No! I do not like everything I read here but what I like far outweighs what I do not like or I would not still be around.
5. I would like to hear more from the visitors but that is up to them.
6. I would like to see more posts on growing up on Staten Island and more pictures of SI places past and present (I liked Gina's post on where is this?). I would like to see more of that.
7. I would like to see people work out their differences off line.

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