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Art....Perhaps you're Psychic!!! *S* ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 04/06/2000 10:18:00 AM, Art wrote:

I also found my first Posting. I am one of the neophytes here since it is clear that you, ~*Donna*~, Dan Blaine, and Lee Shake were all here almost from the beginning. Of course some of our first posts are hidden within the threads of meaningful conversation.
>This is where I came in. On 24 December 1977 I was searching for Wagner College on the web.

Hey Art,

What a tease you are! LOL First you go and call yourself a neophyte here and then you reveal that you were here (and posting no less) in December of 1977! :-0

Shoot! If that were true you'd have even beat the WEB MASTER to the place! (GOTCHA! *LOL*)

Sorry Art! It was just too cute a typo to let slide by and I hadda go for it. LOL

All kidding aside though what you say is so very very true. I have been a member of this Web Site from the beginning, but I do know what the feeling of being "new" to a place is. Even though I've been at the other web site I go to for just about 5 years now, they were up and functioning a tiny while (I'm not exactly sure of the amount) before I got there. Now I'm one of a handful of the "oldtimers" at the site, but I very clearly remember those early days and the kindnesses that were shown to me then. Now I try to give back....what was given to me!

As you's all about feeling connected. I think that's all ANYONE really wants in life... know that they're recognized in some know that they MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!


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