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uPdated Roll Call...Where R U Now? Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) Gina,

Thanks for reminding us of our "History" on this site. I followed the 1996 link back to review how the site has progressed or just changed over time. I also found my first Posting. I am one of the neophytes here since it is clear that you, ~*Donna*~, Dan Blaine, and Lee Shake were all here almost from the beginning. Of course some of our first posts are hidden within the threads of meaningful conversation.

This is where I came in. On 24 December 1997(1977 sorry 77 was typo) I was searching for Wagner College on the web. My browser found this site and I posted a message. Silly me, I thought I had found Wagner.

It wasn't until the first half of 1998 that I really got in there and participated as a member of our community. I think this is typical of the way it was before you had to make a commitment by registering. People would float in and out. Some would stay and join the family, some would pick a fight and be thrown out and some would move on to other things because they didn't "connect."

You have to be vulnerable to connect and some people just don't want to take a chance and reveal anything about themselves, what they like, what they think or what they may not know and need help working out. Those folks should stick around a while and maybe some of us can help them get connected. They will be happy they did, I think.

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