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uPdated Roll Call...Where R U Now? Robert Sheridan bobsheridan If there are 7823 registered visitors to this site, and say about 23 regular visitors who bother to contribute, give or take a few, does that mean we've managed to scare off the other 7800?

What does that say about us?

Maybe we've got to tone up, down, or sideways, a little.

Or suggest that the webmeister redesign the format to allow certain subject areas or threads to stay around a little longer or leave a little faster, kinda like a newspaper has news, editorials, comix, etc.

Don't ask me how to accomplish this particular pipe-dream technically, or in any other way.

I asked one feller from Curtis I haven't seen in fawty years, and didn't know hardly a'tall, but who found me by visiting, and wants to see me next time he comes to SF (!), which is soon(*!), how come he doesn't contribute here.

Know what his answer was?

"I don't like group therapy."

That sure gave me a new slant on things around here.

Especially after soma you guys started fooling around with going behind the postings, and patching together images of people, which I think is asking for headaches.



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