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uPdated Roll Call...Where R U Now? Gina * Gina We haven't done this in quite a longggggggggg time... Recently several members suggested it was time to do a Roll Call of "Who / Where / What & Whatever" uPdate...

Just prior to this post "Thursday, April 06, 2000 02:26 AM" there are 7823 (Welcome Jim F, San Marcos, California 92069 - Member #7823) registered SI-Web Members and lots more out there to join us as this web site becomes more & more popular to current & former StatNislanders...WOW! Have WE GROWN :)

Here we are more than four years down the Internet Road and still growing BIGGER every day - How Wonderful :)

"The Gathering" was officially born :) February 11, 1996
** To read where it started-go to the bottom of:

"NosTrivia" was officially born May 7, 1997
** Where it started-bottom of:

"Live Chat was officially born May 1997
** WOW! What A Nice Surprise!

Instigated & unInstructed by DBLIVIT LOL
The HOFTOPIA was officially born

February 2, 1998 @02:35hrs
** Hoftopia Chronicles....#1

The new WebBoard Conference/Chat/Post Format was born
Sunday, June 14, 1998 11:19 PM
Included in the new format were:
Classifieds, Personals & Job-Links

HOFTOPIA Chronicles officially became it's own Conference
Tuesday, October 27 - Oldtimer Welcomes Hoftopia,26

"Gripes & Political Debates" was officially born
Monday, July 12, 1999,37

There have been many GREAT re-connections here over the years...Old friend & neighbors, school buddies, work buddies & long lost relatives.

Greet the Old & Meet the New - Staten Island's "Family of Friends" will always be right here to welcome you home :)

So c'mon now don't be a bit or post alot (a lot LOL) about yourself, tell us who "U" are, where you've been, tell us where "U" are or where you're going...just click that "reply" option & share with us your lifes adventure's cause we're happy "U" dropped in :)

Now be sure to bookmark:

OR Better yet...Now That "U" Finally Found Your Way Home - set as Your Home Page So "U" Can Check In With Your "Staten Island Family of Friends" Whenever "U" Logon To The Internet :)



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