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GINA, GINA, and more ANOTHER S.I. REUNION Marcene Daniels oldtimer Well my friends, I too had a Staten Islander's Reunion here on the left coast back a piece. Gina was a guest as well as J.Ritter and his lovely wife, Barb and his childhood g/f Margie and her hubby, Dave. My childhood buddy Connie Chorman attended also. Of course Dan Blaine and his wife and Lee Shake and his wife sent large photos to be included in our fun. So we put them in our snapshots and sat them at the table.

Gina, the great chef that she is, cooked a delightful Italian feast.

Bob Sheridan eat your heart out you missed out on a great chance to join in.

Gina is my kindred spirit. Wish we lived a lot closer. She became so helpful with my hubby, John, and we appreciated all
her help. Had a wonderful long trip thru the redwoods etc. It so happened it was the last time John was ever to enjoy a vacation. One never to be forgotten in memory.
Thank you for your friendship.

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