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Whats Prettier than Freckles?? C Connelly mcgil Thanks for the freckles story, Harry. Growing up as a freckled redhead I was always teased for my spots. In the summer, while other's got tans, my freckles only increased. My Dad used to tell me not to worry about it, that someday when all my friends started getting old and gray, my freckles would keep me young. Well, now that I'm in my forties, my friends (especially the ones that had tans) are getting wrinkles and are are looking older while everyone tells me that my freckles keep me looking more than ten years younger than I am. Viva la freckles!

Another freckles story. My sister and I were staying with our grandparents while my parents had a much needed vacation. I think I was around 4 and the time and my sister 8. We were the back seat of my grandparent's car going to the beach. I turned and looked at my sister and told my grandmother that Kate was growing "new funny-looking freckles." Which turned out to be measles, which she promptly passed on to me.


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