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it took me a while to thing about your question. i read the other answers and truthfully, i really don't know how to answer your question.

let me try this.

i had many, many experiences growing up on s.i. some were good, some were bad, some were really ugly. i will concentrate on the good.

Mrs. Walters, my 7th grade teacher was the most impresionable person i can remember next to Mrs DeSogra and Mr. Quinn. Both Mrs Walters and Mr. Quinn were teachers of mine at P.S. 44 in mariners harbor. Mrs. Walters was more of a mother figure to me but taught me patience. Mr. Quinn taught me what honesty, integrity and professionalism meant.

Mrs. DiSogra was like a second mother to me. There is not enough time or space for me to go into details regarding these three people (who I believe were the most perfect people in the entire universe).

Beleve me when i say, that when i think of these three individuals, there are tears in my eyes.

personally i can't stand to see a grown man with tears in his eyes. therefore i will say no more with the exception that if any of Mrs. DiSogra's family sees this message, they will understand for they know me personally.

Other than the above. my life growing up on s.i. has always guided me in bring up my own children and kept my marriage to the most wonderful women god ever created.

(now girls please don't be jealous ok???)


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