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Whats Prettier than Freckles?? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu charliej,

what a wonderful story which brings back memories for me.

when my little girl --- annie (who insist everyone but me call her ann marie) was little i used to have nicknames for her. like baggy pants, dropy draws or knoby knees. thats because all were true.

when she got to be a teenager, she used to every so often give me a little kiss on da cheeks and i would put out my hand and say --- dats 25 cents please.

well when she got married and i had ta give her away to dis poor fellor who did not know rite from wrong---well when i did this and she gave me da kiss of sooooo long daddy i now have anutter guy she gave me a quater --- which was captured on video. she set me up.

but guess wot??? i got dat quarter in a picture frame wit da story of it under da quarter. was i so proud of her.

now when her daughter, my little girlie or squirt, as i call her gives me a kiss, i ask her for four bits (50 cents).

its real wunderful ain't it?


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