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Did your feelings get hurt Jeff? Are you so sensitive that you can't face facts? Have you ever tried looking at your environment from a different perspective? (Your childish response indicates you haven't.) You oughtta try looking at it "from the outside in" for a change. The view isn't quite the same. Try it! I've no doubt that even you, will find room for improvement on the island. No one here is criticizing your home town, it's ours too. We're just comparing the improvements to the low points of years gone by. (I think "reminiscing" is a fitting word too.) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and they're entitled to post it here. Disagreements are expected but personal insults are not welcome. Your posting is the only one deserving of an apology. Whether you like it or not, StatNisland still has a lot of problems that have gone unchecked, but at least it's on the right road to improvement. Before all the problems can be tackled, they'll need to be noticed by the closed-minded people who refuse to recognize them. By then, it'll be too late to reverse the damage. And where will you be? Probably either still in "denial," or you'll be looking at it "from the outside in" also! (but if you don't improve your "nettiquette," this window will be closed to you!)


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