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Whats Prettier than Freckles?? Charlie Joseph CharlieJ Freckles-reminds me
My sweet little daughter (who is now a lovely 36 year old woman) is a freckle faced redhead. An absolutely beautiful one I might add, but girls being girls - sometimes a little over sensitive and Daddy's being men (read that as often insensitive clods), I used to devastate the poor girl without realizing it.
When she was little she was my little princess. Where ever we went, I would introduce her as my daughter, 'Spot'. She never said anything until she was a young woman of about 19 or 20. We were talking and she told me every time I did that she was so mortified she wanted crawl in a hole. I love her more than I can say (which I know is true for any parent and child) and would have never dreamed of hurting her feelings. I thought it was cute. She didn't but would never tell Daddy to stop.
Needless to say Daddy hugged her and apologized.
I said "I promise to never do that again, uh, - what's your name -uh-, Spot".


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