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Movie Review of the week John Ritter JR My pick even though I have not seen it yet is Paramount Pictures, Rules of Engagement. Look at the following to see why -- We might see each other at the flick! Keep away from my popcorn though! All you writers or want-to-be ones should see this as a military primer! See below for more info:

Interview: James Webb

On the eve of the premiere of the new Paramount Pictures movie, Rules of Engagement, the film’s creator, executive producer, and co-writer talked recently at his office overlooking the Iwo Jima Memorial in northern Virginia with Naval Institute editor Fred L. Schultz. The self-described iconoclast discusses the machinations of Hollywood and its prevailing attitudes toward the military, his service as Assistant Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy, the gap between civilian and military cultures, and his opinions about the current condition of military leadership.


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