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SIPOET ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
Dear Marguerite....

You've had a some difficult times recently and it's not surprising that you're feeling down in the dumps...but believe me when I tell you....YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOAL OF GETTING YOUR PHD! *S*

Just to give you something to focus on....I'm going to put something here. I'm sure that it's just one of the first of MANY TIMES you'll be seeing this.....but I think that now you just might need a focal point. After all, doesn't a marathon runner keep his eye focused on the FINISH LINE? *S*

With Love, and all the CONFIDENCE in the Universe....because I KNOW YOU'LL DO IT...I present what's at the end of YOUR finish line!!!! *S*

P.S. I made the background in GOLD as that's EXACTLY what it'll feel like when you get it! *S* It'll be the pot 'o gold at the end of your rainbow. But don't forget, to get a gotta have some rain! *S* Wave Good~Bye to the RAIN and get ready for your Pot O' Gold cause you are gonna get it ...and SOON! I just KNOW IT! *S*


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