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Blackened Steak ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

BTW...Father Henry told me a really GREAT (and quick) recipe for cannoli's this Sunday. (Unfortunately I didn't write it down so I either have to call him or wait till I run into him again.) He's a fabulous cook so I can't wait to do this. We might even have a fund raiser with it. He use to do all of the cooking in St.Charles (he's still there too but I believe that now he's managing the parties instead of doing all of the cooking). For YEARS he did the cooking for a Spaghetti Dinner in Holy Family that was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! The whole parish looked forward to it.

Yep! I think a bunch of us are gonna get in that kitchen and make cannoli's up to wazoo! *S*


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