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Movie Review of the week ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
This isn't about either Final Destination or Erin Brocovich, but it is about a movie. Actually, it's about movies. A while ago, probably a few years ago, I had heard rumblings that some of the Disney movies had some not so nice things snuck into them. LOL I was reminded of this recently by a good number of my students. One of the children even gave me a URL to check it out. I haven't gone there yet myself but my Daughter has and WHOA! She was totally hysterical. I do remember (as I read over her shoulder) that the site was saying that one of the claims was untrue, but it looks as if the rest are true!

Does anyone know anything about this????

I don't remember where the URL is right now, but knowing my Daughter she probably bookmarked it on her computer. If anyone is interested in checking it out I can ask her for the addy! *S*


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