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SI Prep for Life Gina * Gina Hi Marguerite
Hang in there kid..."there are holes in the floor of Heaven"
Your Mom is peering down, l^oo^king over you with pride, eternal devotion with "Special Mom's" exhilaration of love.

SIpoet I know what part of the heart you're post came from - I lost my Dad (my bestest special buddy) in "91" - I felt very misplaced for a long time after his passing. Often when I think of him there are many hours of tears till I finally start to have tears of joy coupled w/ a smile about all the wonderful memories he left us with & I Thank God for all the cherished years of letting him be "MY DADDY" :)

WHOA! Is that you're Mom I just heard saying from above "now calm down, go find a peaceful "scenic SI pocket", sit under a tree, listen to the happy music of natures symphony & do your homework like the wonderful SIpoet "U" R"


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