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PATOS OPINION OF DJ LOST - revisited Gina * Gina On 04/04/2000 2:31:00 AM, DBLIVIT wrote:
>Gina: think back to the days
>of the "Adrian"
>postings...after those, could
>anything else be worth getting
>annoyed over? Hang in there,
>'re still the
>greatest! DAN BLAINE

Thanks Dan, as always your input is very much appreciated (many others too) :)

Not to worry Dan, cool as a cucumber here :) - just like the "Adrian" spamming/slamming of the site a couple of years ago I've held my fingers back from the keyboard thinking things would clam down to a level of a "low peaceful roar" of information, SI tids & bits, reunions, enjoyment & whatever blows someone's socks off or their tutu uP in a copasetic manner of cyber community interaction.

After going back and reading many back posts then giving them MUCH more "reply or not" consideration I decided that it was time for one of us "SI-Web site lamppost dinosaurs" to add some input, express some opinion based on a total overview experience from day one of this web site.

Dan & (((ALL))) - it is not with the clenching of animosity that I will be replying to some - There have been days when there were so many posts that I didn't have "that much" time to read em let alone reply to em.

There's many GOOD NEWS, many HAPPY events, many BYPASS or not posts that I will be replying to, then there are the "others" which at the moment are neither here or there in my "thoughts of reply"

G'day to all :)


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