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SI Prep for Life Marguerite Rivas sipoet Hi guys, I've been really out of it for a couple of days. Have been having some bad days in spite of the beautiful clusters of brilliant light green flowers and such that are ready to fall from the trees. The dogwood is so magnificent; confetti time will be soon. I've been feeling a real disconnect. I don't know why, exactly.My first spring without my mother and her lilacs. It's probably because I am way behind on my doctoral dissertation which should have been in a first draft by now. I did so want to graduate in October,but now it looks like my sister is going to be the only Dr.Rivas in the family for a while. But this is just blah blah blah and I'm sorry; it's late and I'm depressed. When I posted my manic post under this topic, I didn't think any of you would even understand my ramblings, but you did. Thanks. I've been reading through your responses;they are profound for me. I know this sounds like hyperbole, but it is not. Can't tell you why exactly. Just wanted to say thank you for responding.
Marguerite,ABD Ad infinitum

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