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PATOS OPINION OF DJ LOST - revisited Diane J DJ Lost Actually, I requested the deletion. And if it's brought back, I will request another deletion.

I honestly can't believe that you would ask for that post to be brought back.

As for you stating that I posted the snap shot without "Rhyme or Reason", is total and complete bullshit.

I have NEVER said an UNKIND word about YOU or about PAT, or for that matter ANYONE on this board. Yet, that day, while reading posts I get a pop up stating, in essence, that I am a trouble maker, a back stabber, and a manipulator.

What further explanation of those words is necessary? NONE as far as I am concerned.

For that matter, PATOS' opinions not only slanderous and insulting to me but those words insulted EVERY Staten Islander. "I THINK DJ IS JUST A TRUE SI PERSON WILL STIR THE SHIT AND SIT BACK"... SO Patos has made it clear through those words that YOU are a back stabber and a trouble maker as well, after all your a true SI Person, aren't you?

If you want to point the finger at people, then I believe you should take ONE GIANT STEP BACK and think clearly about what that implies about all of us, not just me.

I admit, I was extremely angry and hurt when I posted that snap shot on this board. But my actions were no more detrimental that PATOS' actions.

PATOS has apologized and even though I do not honestly belive that any of what he said can be said with good intentions, I decided that I would be a better person and let go of my anger and hurt. What good does it do me to stay angry?

After all, if, as you say and as I have said before, we are a "family" here.. sometimes family members say mean and hateful things. But what good is it to hold on to that and not move past it.

My request to the ADMIN to remove the post was made because there were many things said in the following posts that were rude and OFFENSIVE. Regardless of who they were aimed at.. They perpetuated the hate and anger and deeply offended me.

If the posts were aimed at me, you, at Donna or at PATOS, it did not matter to me. They were OFFENSIVE.

In posts that were insulting to you, in the past, I stepped forward and defended you.

The ADMIN removed them because of the offensive nature of the posts.

Some people forget that this is a forum for communication and sharing and not a place for attacks due to personality conflicts.

I don't understand, so maybe you can explain, why you feel the need to reopen the wounds and add some salt?

You've been on this board for hours at a time since the original post. In fact, I have seen you in the chat area on several occasions since the post was made and before it was placed in the Recycle bin. I would imagine that you have had plenty of time to respond.

Gina, you and I have never had a problem with each other. I am asking you, as a friend, to let this sleeping dog lie.

If you are the person I believe you to be, you will leave this wound alone.

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