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Joke..ha ha ha #4 Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) On 03/31/2000 4:26:00 PM, sipoet wrote:
>Well, Art, my highest
>compliments to you on your
>magnificent creations. I'd
>love to use them as screen
>savers if I didn't have
>pre-teen girls around. Well
>done, now let's hope they
>don't end up in the recycle
>bin. What's up with that?

It occurred to me long after you made the above statement that the figures I animated are presently used in an "art gift" format that is sold to a pre-teen, teen market. About 3 years ago when our daughter was 12 we bought her some "magnetic" paper dolls. The figures were of the david and the venus figures I used above. There were magnetic clothes that you could apply to the figures.

Because I framed and hung the figure drawings I did in life class at Wagner, and we have reproduction classical sculptures in our home, our daughter has grown up pleasantly unaware of any shame associated with the human form.

I think that is normal. What I think is not normal is the present acceptance by the public of gross ugly violence at the same time that depiction of intimacy and any display of the human form is rejected.

Best regards.

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