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Crime & Punishment Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu yes, i remember being kept after school many a time.

one time was when i was in the seventh grade.

it was a warm spring day. the windows were partially opened. i was in the science class with mrs. meehan (not sure of the spelling). i was suppose to be doing a very simple chemistry test in the back of the room along with other students.

wellllll as most people would guess, knowing me, i had other ideas.

i went to work on creating what in those days was called a stink bomb. yep, i had a small clock, some wiring and a lot of chemicals that would make rotten eggs smell like grade perfume.

so i set about getting this little contraption ready. set the timer, then requested to be excused while i went to the boys room.

i went to the principles office instead --- michael romano was the principle.

about 5 minuts after i got to the principles office, there was the loud bellow. the bellow was one word ----- ladieu!!!!!! you could hear the word from the third floor to the first floor.

yep, i got school detention for one week. all the teachers were very upset with me publically ---- however, i could hear them all laughing every time they talked about what i did in science class.

ahhhhhhh it was fun, even the extra home work.


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