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Crime & Punishment Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Does anybody remember getting kept after school for misbehaving in class? I don’t mean high school “detention” periods, I mean elementary school. Way back when all the teachers seemed to be old maids and didn’t seem to have anything else to do but discipline us little “Calvins”.

I admit it…I was a Calvin! I’d be right in the middle of having my aircraft carrier shoot down a Jap Zero with a rocket while my destroyer screen was dropping depth charges on a Nazi sub. All of a sudden there’d be a shadow on my piece of oak tag…then Ms. X would rap me on top of the head with a piece of chalk she had between her fingers. She’d open her little “black book” and put another mark next to my name. 3 marks in one day and you stayed after school.

The after school punishment usually consisted of writing 100X (200, 500 ?) “I must pay attention in class.” either on the black board or on lined paper at your desk. I could handle this OK…in fact I developed a method where I could hold 2 pencils in my hand and write two lines at once. Even tried it with 3 one time, but it was too sloppy.

But, there was one teacher who had a more insidious punishment…she made us do long division…anywhere from 50 to 100 examples before we were let out. In this case I would do damnedest during the day to get Bobby Glaz in trouble. He was a crackerjack at solving long division examples, and if I could get him “sent up” with me, I could sit next to him during the after school punishment period and have him knock out my LD problems, too. He didn’t mind, they were like games to him.

I wonder if in these days of busing and yuppie teachers if kids are still kept after school? I know mine certainly weren’t…the teachers at Cocoa Beach were out there on their stubbies before the kids trying to catch a wave on those afternoon sets when the wind came out of the West.

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