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Something to think about? Neal Mulligan neal Bob,
The reason this interests me is that the chemists in the scientific community must have know about this for many years. Yet when there were protests about chlorinating our water supply in Springfield (it was previously treated with oxygen, the second highest valence behind chlorine) not one person of scientific credentials would come forth to defend those who questioned the wisdom of chlorination. In fact, a letter to editor by a citizen was met with a bombast of rebuttals, and ridicule for the protester.
When chlorination started they told us it would be 2 weeks hence. I recall a number of people, who were non-smokers as I was, suggesting that the water quality had declined, and asking if the chlorination had started. They were told not for two weeks, so no one wrote the paper protesting. When the "official" date arrived letters poured in and were treated with editorial ridicule. Why, the program has been in effect for two weeks children the paper announced. How is it you didn't notice the change before this?

A few months later the health commissioner, a supporter of cl announced that there had been a decline in some diseases or other.

These people must have had this knowledge.

I just don't trust government. They tried to fluoridate locally for years but were voted down. They called us kooks, and John Birchers and worse. I think they were finally successful by state statute.

You know it wouldn't be so bad if they had half a case that as voters we weren't responsible. But Springfield had a minority population of about 3,000 out of 155,000 total, and we elected a black man to the city council in 1951. I have never met a Bircher and I spent years working in both parties. I don't think a Republican has carried Springfield in any state wide race with the exception of Ed Brooke since 1948.
They may be right, but I hate being treated like a child.


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