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Something to think about? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~

Yes, if the "Law of Displacement" is valid, (I still have to research that) floride does indeedy displace all of the other three. That would also make iodine, because of it's high atomic number, a virtual sitting duck.

As far as depending on water for any portion of our body's needed iodine, to the best of my knowledge iodine isn't any of the elements added to water but it sure as heck would diminish the iodine received any other way.

I'll keep my ears and eyes open about it all and let you know if/when I find out anything further!


P.S. LOL I had this post all ready to go but left to stir my food. When I got back I saw your Email which essentially said the same thing! LOL THANK YOU! Now we can both keep our eyes and ears open on this! *S*

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