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The Shot Heard 'Round the World Neal Mulligan neal How I remember that day, I was more or less neutral but a friend of mine, Al Antoniccio was simply mad about the Bums. He was stricken. Sometime in the fall Thompson visited the Mt. and gave a talk. Actually the Dodgers got off easy. They called it luck, but if they had played the Yanks it would have been 4 and gone. Their entire pitching staff was lame. At least the Giants made it a little fun.
I wonder how many people remember that Branca's number was 13. Should have been an omen for Dressen. Another thing only 34,000 or so were on hand, imagine that small a crowd today. I think the Polo Grounds held 65k.


PS. I think Corsair was thinking of Dusty Rhodes and he didn't play in 51. He had his moment in the sun in 54 as a pinch hitter. He homered to win the first game in the 10th. He played in the second in OF and tied the game his first time up as PH, then went to OF and homered that put game 2 out of reach. IN game 3 I think he PH a single with bases loaded. Cleveland didn't show up for the last game.

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