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Mensa Puzzle ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ Hey Charlie...

I think that's terrific that you got the answer a different way. As the saying goes...there's more than ONE path up to the same mountain top...and you just proved it. The human mind is something wild and wonderful and I don't think any of us we'll ever figure it out totally. *S*

I happen to have a daughter with a learning disability. She's in High School now but years ago one of her teachers in Grammar School told me a story. I've never checked on the validity of it but the ~Spirit~ of it is so uplifting and positive so I view it in that light and don't really care about whether or not it's actually "true". (No comments rs! LOL)

Anyway, she said that she once had a student who was severely impaired in his learning. He couldn't even tell time. She, and many others, spent untold hours trying to get even that tiny bit of learning through to him as it involved such a basic faction of daily life. While he found it very difficult and for the longest time couldn't seem to get what any of them were saying, he eventually did GET IT! None of those who had been tutoring him understood his thought processes but the important part was that he went from being totally inept at telling time to understanding it like no other....

Years later he contacted her to THANK HER. He said that he was employed and with a REALLY GOOD JOB that he was proud of. He said that he still struggled with just about everything else but that someone in the medical profession was intrigued by the different way his mind worked and that as a result of that they got him involved in cancer research. Essentially, they wanted to see if he could SEE something that the rest couldn't. Well, it worked! It seems that he was able to spot something in the domain of cell growth that was a direct correlation to what he came by when he was learning to tell time.

Interesting heh?


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