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GINA, GINA, and more GINA Maryann Doolan mim Recently my husband and I had the pleasure of travelling from the west coast of Florida to the east coast for a Staten Island reunion picnic. I had spoken in chat many times with Gina and also on the phone. Let me tell you that the highlight of our trip was getting to meet Gina in person. Both of us went home feeling we had just spent time with a long lost close relative. Never have we encountered a more thoughtful, kind, generous , giving, wonderful and a pleasure to be with person. (can't fit any more good adjectives here) For those of you who know Gina, you know what I mean, for those of you who do not, I am sorry you are missing out. Maybe someday you will feel as blessed as we do and get to know this extraordinary special woman.
Our hats are off to you Gina. Always be the great person you already are.

Carlo says, see ya also
See Ya, Mim

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