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Mensa Puzzle Charlie Joseph CharlieJ That's funny. I got the right answer, but I got there differently from their description.
Here's how i done it.
I looked at the letters across from each other. D to W was 19 letters. Moving clockwise was an F, two away from the previous letter. F's opposite on the star was U, a difference of 15 letters. Still moving clockwise was H also two letters from it's previous. To retain the sequence then it's opposite must be 4 less than the previous pair, or 11 away. Counting on my fingers again, gave me my answer. Checked the answer page and voila, I was right. Then I looked at their reasoning and realized I did it the hard way. Some math whiz could probably construct a simple algorithm from both methods that would read the same, but as usual, I found the hard way.
Story of my life.


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