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Which Tree Are You? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 03/30/2000 11:31:00 PM, Art wrote:
"Actually, when you put lime in Rum and Coke you have a drink called a "Cuba Libra."

Now that's interesting. I'm finding more and more that Astrology isn't as "in the closet" as post people want to pretend it is! LOL

"So is being a Jack of Diamonds a good thing?"

As for the Jack of Diamonds business, well, I'm going to have to give you the old ENERGY spiel. LOL The "Jack of Diamonds" is an Archetype for a specific kind of energy. Energy is neither good nor bad it just IS! With the Jack of Diamonds energy there's a certain eternal YOUTH to the bearer of the energy. If it's manifested in a positive way that'll mean that the person will never lose their zest for life. If it's manifested in a negative way it might mean that they might lean more to the "fun" side of things and side swipe the "responsibly" factor...

...but I know you don't do that! *S*

Soooooo there you have the Jack of Diamonds!

Oh yeah! The Jack of Diamonds is also here to learn about VALUES. With the Diamond suit, it's a life long quest with a focus on VALUES. As a Jack (which is a royal/court card)....chances are you're working on being true to your values and not so much as figuring out what they are. The latter might be true for some of the earlier Diamond cards.


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