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SI Prep for Life Harry White hrwhite So I'm the third fool. When I left Staten Island in November '55 for a tour with the Navy I was not sure if I was running to something or away from something. 45 years later I'm still not sure. I certainly was not happy at the time and I was completely without direction. I had just completed high school with nor plans for college. I had held 3-4 different jobs, roofer, driver, carpenters helper, etc. No future, no interest in any of these. After work it was the same as after school, a few beers with the boys and into the cars to look for chicks. I needed adventure and wanted travel so off I went with the Navy.
My early childhood had been one adventure after the other, building huts and forts and treehouses. Catching fish, frogs, turtles and trapping muskrats. I learned to love nature. 1-6 grades I was an excellent student. 7-hs I was a mediocre student doing just enough to get by repeating several classes and spending 2 years as a senior at New Dorp. My father had a drinking problem. I hated him when he was drunk. I hated the arguments mom and dad got into. I was happiest outside.
The Navy sent me to school. I did very well. After discharge from the Navy I did well and moved up the career ladder. I married, had 4 children and divorced.
As I write this I'm still not sure if I ran from or to something. I do know that I wish I had maintained some ties with SI friends that is probably why I enjoy this site so much, I'm able to connect with my past.

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