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Chit-chat from the Caffe Roma Arthur Anderson Art artnscience-(at) On 04/01/2000 12:45:00 AM, CharlieJ wrote:
>You two guys and Art do so
>many good things, I feel bad
>(or is it badly). All I do is
>try to make our airplanes
>safer to kill the other guys
Hey Charlie,

We is all different. Not better or worse....different. Some of us were real Sky Raiders, remember? What you did and what you are doing to make airplanes safe is really important. Most importantly you are a great guy and know how to make contact, form a connection and live up to your end of the deal. I was so impressed by your going out to SF, sitting at Caffe-Roma, maybe even getting smiled at by Lovely-Lisa. The exchange, with SI-Web (text attached), was absolutely terrific.

Your our hero, CharlieJ and we admire you like no other, except maybe that legal beagle Bob Sheridan. Boy did he do the right thing in that Gypsy Foxglove Murder trial! On the other hand, it just struck me that rs was robbed of a clean victory for the defense by the prosecution backing out with a cheezy plea bargain....Just politics I guess!

Now, "Where were youse borned at..again CharlieJ?"



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