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SI Prep for Life Robert Sheridan bobsheridan On 04/01/2000 1:31:00 AM, sipoet wrote:
>After reading some of the
>posts here today, I was
>wondering. Has being a Staten
>Islander, has another
>StatNislander, or has some
>Staten Island experience
>helped to prepare you for your
>role in life now?

This, Marguerite, is a question which deserves answers from a lot of us. On the theory that fools rush in, I'm happy to lead off.

Growing up on the Island, I didn't know how lucky I was and couldn't wait to get off. StatNisland got no respect from anyone off the island.

I didn't realize the error of this. That was their fault, not mine. So I had this inferiority complex about coming from a backwater place like StatNisland. I traded it for the romantic and sublime San Francisco, a Baghdad-by-the-Bay, it's been called.

Few places remain romantic and sublime after you've read the police reports, however.

So much of my thinking is involved with applying law to facts to approach justice that I had to wonder what gave me the right and where those thoughts came from. I couldn't escape it. They came from "where I was borned at," to quote a useful phrase stolen from our own CJ. I even sound like it when I get started tawkin' fast and reveal my roots.

Now, after paradin' around this website for two years, I've learned to turn my inferiority complex into a badge of pride. There's a StatNisland table at the Caffe Roma, now, where you can sit if you're not from SI, but you aren't as comfortable as say Dwyer, Marcovecchio, or Sheridan, 'cause we communicate in StatNisland grunts, epithets, and other shorthand expressions that substitute for crafted sentences.

Now that I wear my badge with pride, I think San Francisco is lucky to have us. Modesty is not the badge of the StatNislander. Brusque, brash, and crusty, are words that come to mind. On the other hand, you don't get pushed around a lot.

StatNisland was a great greenhouse for the Dandelions of the world.

May our thistles never cease to explode their seed all over the world.


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