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Photos of the tornado Diane J DJ Lost On 03/31/2000 12:45:00 PM, corsair wrote:
>When I worked for Vought lived
>in west Arlington next to the
>golf course. Later lived on
>the Arlington/Grand Prairie
>line just west of the
>Commercial plant which butts
>the Loral plant.

Corsair, Vought hasn't been around for a while. Its latest incarnation is Lockheed Martin. There is a Bell Helicopter facility about 2 miles from here (home that is) by the Arlington Municipal Airport. It suffered a lot of damage as well as the airport.

Where was LORAL? If it was around here, it's long gone. I have lived here for 17 years and haven't ever heard of it being around town.

Which golf course did you live near? there are so many now. If you remember where Matlock Road and Bardin Road I am living right there.. not too far from cooper street.

I would venture to say that a lot has changed since you were last here, because I LIVE here and much changes on a daily basis!

If you tell me where the Loral building is/was, i will go take a few pictures and show you what is there now.

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