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Thanks O.T. for the kind reference; I was really afraid I was going to be relegated to da dump, big time, for failing to show. Some day, when they make an opera about the stuff I'm involved in, it'll be clear. I take Sundays off, basically, and spend it with Rick; the rest of the time I do a lot of briefing (that's writing compositions and essays for judges) after poring through over 60,000 pages of stuff that lawyas call discovery. One-a dese days I'm gonna passs by Hangtown on route to Tahoe (normally we take I/s 80, not 47) and will callya first. What I wanna know is if Gina is as much a fox as that picture of her in the Pocahontas outfit on Art's foto-display website makes her out to be. Since she made it to Placerville without visiting San Fran, I figure she evened da scaw. I'll try to pay her a call next time I visit Florida, da homa Mom.

PS Did you get the StatNislandas to drink any wine?

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