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Movie Review of the week ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
I also haven't seen American Beauty yet but I did *chuckle* happen to find the FULL script online! :-0 Can you imagine????

As for the DVD thing...Yeah! I'm trying to catch up on the movies I missed that way too. We just got 5 free through the mail. They were part of the deal with the DVD player I got my husband for our Anniversary. We got (rather CHOSE) Stargate, Stepmom, Matrix....and I can't remember the rest right now. I'm looking at all of the DVD's we have but I can't remember for sure which ones we bought and which ones we got in the mail-in deal.

As for the 6th Sense, my son wanted to buy it last week. *S* I think, if I recall correctly, Costco had it on sale for $16 something.


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