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Is it its', it's or its? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu ahhh what an interesting subject all about its -- it's or its'.

golly gee ain't we all got better things ta dooooooo????

well wot da hey here goes.

while doing my writing in the newsroom as a writer and domestic correspondent on computers (before i became the puter expert for them and all dat stuffing about 18 years ago) i always type it's.

did not notice anyone change it to its or its'.

however, i really don't care which it is cuz even in my legal briefs, da judges know exactly what i am talk about, and that also includes my opponents who i just seem to beat all the time.

and as for my technical puter manuals, well again all da end users understand what i am say or else they will have a problem.

rich (as i look for the its thingie in da book of knowledge from the ny times)

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