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Weeeeeelllllllllllllll ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~ On 03/31/2000 9:39:00 AM, DJ Lost wrote:
>I am a huge fan of Alanis. In
>fact, I got to see her live
>last St. Patty's day here in
>Dallas. She's awesome.


WOW! I too am a huge fan of Alanis. I hadn't know that you also were. Wow! Now that's another thing we have in common! I hadn't known you went to see her LIVE! *jealous* She must have been awesome!

As for her lyrics, yes! I too love them! She just kind of SAYS what she has to SAY! There's no beating around the bush! LOL She also has a very ...hummmm...I don't know....certain kind of quality to her voice that's neat. She shows (to me) a lot of emotion in her singing!

Re Savage Garden...Yep! Truley Deeply Madly is one of my favs too. I even have an instrumental in the Music Chamber section of my web site and I listen to it repeatedly. I listen to that and Power of Love (which I know is not theirs! LOL). I also SG's To The Moon And Back! *S*

Re Tori Amos.....I think I do know her music, but that I get her mixed up with someone else. My son has her CD's. I know that! Maybe I'll hunt them up in his room. Thanks for the URL! *S*

I've got another one for you....what about Sarah Maclachlin (sp?)....she too has something SPECIAL about her voice! *S* I LOVE her music!!!!!!!!!!!


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