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Weeeeeelllllllllllllll Diane J DJ Lost I am a huge fan of Alanis. In fact, I got to see her live last St. Patty's day here in Dallas. She's awesome.

My honey, who wasn't a fan before the show, is definitly a fan now!!!

I think her lyrics are very indicative of the way I feel about life.. so I absolutely enjoy her...

Savage Garden, I like that Truely Madly Deeply song.. don't think I have heard any thing else from them..

Now, I am into Tori Amos. I just started listening to her about a month ago.

Donna... if you haven't already.. you need to listen to her music. She's such a poet.

if you haven't seen this site on Tori, you should read it. VERY enlightening...

Tori Amos Lyrics and Info

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