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Huguenot Beach Poem Marguerite Rivas sipoet LOL ROFL LMAO RS&JR
I don't usually use this shorthand but I must convey to you both how hysterical I am. First, I meant that I was inspired by JR's post about Huguenot in the Med Tests OK string. It is so like me to screw it up only because you have a common initial. Sorry, JR but I guess you know I meant you, right.

Secondly, RS your reply is so funny that it has my stitches in stitches. No, we weren't together last night. I picture you out in San Francisco, going out into the cafe, scratching your head and saying, "What a dizzy dame" in some film noir-ish way. However, since we are on the subject of inspiration, I must say that I love your prose style and look forward to reading your legal adventures. My husband is a lawyer, so I can just bet you have some good stories.

Well, anyway, thanks to both of you guys for a) some really good memories ;) and
b) a real good stitch pulling laugh.


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