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Thing that make you go HMMMM.... C Connelly mcgil
Take it from one who lives in the land of dirt roads - you don't want them! In Vermont we have an extra season - called mud season. It falls between winter and spring when the dirt roads turn to mud and become un-travelable. In the summer, they get so dry you live in a land where everything, inside and out, is coated with a heavy film of dust. In the winter, they're treacherous when covered with ice. Even though it would lessen the rural quality, I would be very happy to have our road paved. Unfortunately the town disagrees.

I would suggest that on Staten Island we would go back to the cobblestone or brick streets. When I was growing up in Westerleigh, they had yet to pave over the hills of Lathrop, Leonard or Water's Aves. One of our favorite things was to ride our bikes down the hills over the bumpy road. Luckily there wasn't that much traffic on the cross streets 'cause we went pretty fast.

I also would eliminate high rises, duplex houses, and make it illegal to cut down more trees than necessary to build a house. I wasn't even a thought in the 30's but I do vaguely remember the late 50's before they started to destroy the Island for the bridge, and I wouldn't mind going back to those days.


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