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Which Tree Are You? ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Donna*~
Hiya Art!

Whoa! That's some big wink ya got there kid! LOL (Sorry! I couldn't resist! *LOL*)

You're right though, the trees are used for more than one birth date. It's the same way in the Cards of Destiny. (That's the discipline where I told you that you were the Jack of Diamonds. Remember? *S*) Anyway, there are many dates in the calendar year which have the same CARD in that discipline. The reason is simply because of the CYCLICAL aspect to life! *S* Life, when it is dissected has more "order" to it than most realize. Well, that is if you accept that philosophy! LOL There probably ARE enough trees to give each date it's own but I guess in the forest of LIFE....those trees are considered to be from the "B" section! *LOL*

As for your lime tree remark...I LIKE THAT. See, you noticed that your fruit CAN be a little "tart", but what the heck! Even THAT has a special use...which of course EVERYTHING in the Universe does. *S* (BTW Does it really go in Rum and Coke? I didn't know that.)


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