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Thanks a million to John Ritter, and his lovely wife Barbara for making the trip and to Gina, our Queen, and to Margie and her hubby, Dave and to my oldest friend who thanks to this web-site I was re-united with, Connie Zigler Chorman from Westerleigh, Staten Island who brought us current road maps of the Island and CRUMB BUNS!
The maps will help all of us on this site to find the streets we have forgotten about. I know the names when mentioned but now can check the location too. We were so sorry that old RS did not make it but we do understand the pressure of his job and personal commitments did not allow a visit at the time. Many thanks to to Lee Shake and Dan Blaine for the nice large pictures of them and their wives that we displayed so that they were with us in spirit.
John and I enjoyed the week plus with my cyber friends and my sons are glad no axe murderers showed up. LOL
It was a family tease that I did not know these strangers I had invited into the fold LOL. Of course we too could have been up to no good. No matter how we explained the various connections we could make, and the long chatting sessions we all had it was a relief not to have called the police when they showed up on the doorstep LOL. All went well and I really have to say I chose my new friends well and they are welcome back again.
Old Timer, Marcene and John

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